Monday, 8 February 2010

Buy Cosco Scenera Convertible Car Seat Cheap Review

When first starting out, looking for a car seat can be both daunting and mind blogging. Not knowing what car seats are better suited for your baby and at affordable prices can be stressful.

And if your like me, you sure as hell do not want to make the wrong decision and later regret it.

When I started looking at baby car seats I pondered to myself, "do I go for comfort or safety?". The obvious answer being safety. As I continued my research all data pointed towards the Cosco Scenera Convertible Car Seat, sure the comfort wasn't the best but the safety was rated top-notch above all other brands!

After coming to a conclusion, or at least being close to my final decision, the last determining factor was the price, as I couldn't afford anything pricey but I was willing to stretch a little to ensure the safety of my child. To my fortune the Cosco Scenera Car Seat had a price I just couldn't turn down and my mind was set!

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Reviews and Details Below

The Cosco Scenera Convertible Car Seat has been rated 4/5 stars across all platforms. Even being rated as more safer than slightly more popular models Graco, Britax, First Years and Combi etc in its consumer report being the only car seat rated "Excellent" in safety.

Here are some costumer reviews:

5/5 stars!

"The number one important feature of any car seat should be the SAFETY RATING! We checked Consumer Reports before buying our car seat and this car seat was the ONLY convertible car seat that was rated "excellent" for crash protection. Safer than Britax, Graco, First Years, Combi, etc. I was quite surprised that it was rated so safe considering the fact that it really is a bare bones car seat. It's not very soft & cushiony (but hey, neither is our daughter's papasan swing and she's been napping comfortably in that thing for 7 months!) and it was a little more difficult to install than the car seat that we're using in our other car (the Combi Coccoro). But seriously, who cares, it's all about safety and this car seat is safe. Just make sure when you're installing it backwards to keep the level line horizontal and it will help you install easier; if the line's not level the seat will be moving around way too much."

5/5 Stars

"I liked this car seat so much that I bought the orange version for my husband's car. It's very easy to clean and is made with a great material that doesn't pick up a lot of dirt or crumbs."

5/5 Stars

"Installed very easily. Seems to be very firmly in the seat. You need both hands to get baby in and out of seat. "